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Wii Transfer 2.3

Scott McNulty

When I was at WWDC I had the pleasure of sitting down with Manton Reece, developer of Wii Transfer, and chatting about his cool little application. He showed off a version that wasn't quite ready for prime-time during the interview, but now it is available for download.

Wii Transfer, in case you don't recall, allows you to access media from your Mac on your Wii. It also converts movies you might have on your Mac into a format that will play on your Wii. New in Wii Transfer 2.3 is:

  • Playback of unprotected AAC's is supported
  • UI has been overhauled
  • Better use of the Wii remote button
  • A snazzy new icon
Overall, this is the coolest application that I have no use for, since I don't have a Wii yet. Wii Transfer costs $14 and there is a demo available.

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