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3.50 downgrader released


Much to the dismay of Sony, it appears that the homebrew community has finally created a downgrader for firmware 3.50. With almost any copy of Lumines, PSP owners will be able to have their systems revert back to an older firmware. Visit N00bz for the complete directions, but make note of one of the requirements: "Sufficient intelligence and English language skills to be able to carefully and throroughly read the instructions."

Downgrading a system CAN BE RISKY, and MAY CAUSE YOUR SYSTEM TO BE INOPERABLE (or "bricked"). Also, you will be voiding your system's warranty by using this hack. If you're willing to take the plunge, feel free. Once you get to 1.50, we highly recommend that you install one of Dark_Alex's custom firmware packages, to ensure compatibility with current game titles.

[Thanks, ben!]

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