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Activation Video reveals some interesting details and... an 80GB iPhone?

David Chartier

Oh Apple, you're so sly with the way you slip in the useful (and sometimes bizarre) details with your iPhone demo videos. In the activation video posted today, more intricacies of what and how the iPhone synchs have been revealed with a walk-through of how to get one's iPhone set up at home with iTunes. First, it appears as though Apple and AT&T have thought of just about everything:

The setup asks whether you already have an AT&T account and you'd just like to add your iPhone to it, or if you're creating a brand new account. Users can also activate two or more phones all from the comforts of their pajamas and iTunes.

Transferring one's mobile number also looks like it's a snap. The process "may take up to 6 hours," and apparently your current service will be disconnected simply by following through with this iTunes activation (at least that's what the description text says). Transferring a home number, however, is apparently another process entirely, and a link is offered to take you elsewhere for more information.

For those who can't live by 200 monthly SMS messages alone, the plan selection screen offers two upgrade options that might appeal only to the heaviest of texters. The next step up from 200 is a whopping 1500 total messages for $10, with unlimited costing $20.

We've known for a while that Yahoo! Address Book would be an option for synching, and it appears that Apple has made it about as easy as possible to do this. It looks like all you'll have to do is click this button and enter your Yahoo! credentials to get up and running.

This 'Put new events in...' option is, in a way, a little disappointing to me, because I was hoping calendars would sync perfectly between iPhone and iCal. Looks like this won't be the case, though I can, in theory, kind of understand. I've tried categorizing events into separate calendars when entering them on other mobile phones, and it was admittedly a bit of a pain.

Now this last one is the bizarre detail that has both us and commenters puzzled: notice anything weird? How about that 74.40 GB capacity? The end of the video zooms in and out of the iTunes window, clearly showing the iPhone in the left sources list and a 7.2 GB capacity in the Summary tab, but this capacity rating at the bottom of the window has us scratching our heads. Are they performing some trickery here, using an 80GB 5G iPod to demonstrate some of this synching stuff? Or did they use a pre-production 80GB iPhone to hint that in just a few months, all the early adopters are going to experience iPhone envy all over again? Your guess is as good as ours here.

That's about everything we noticed from the video - but did we miss something? You know what to do.

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