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Apple stores to close from 2 to 6 on Friday


Apple has just announced that its retail stores will be closed on Friday, June 29th between 2 and 6pm to prepare for the iLaunch. Many retail AT&T stores have announced they will also close between 4 and 6pm for similar reasons. Each store will start selling iPhones at 6pm local time, so we're expecting some great iPhone unboxing pictures for those of you lucky enough to live on the East coast.

As TUAW reader Fred Manning points out, we fully expect people to run through the mall shouting "The Apple Store is DOWN!". What will really, really make it special though is, as TUAW reader Brian suggests, if someone puts a giant yellow Post-it on the store. Any takers? Any takers? Send us a link to your photo via our Tip form.

Thanks, Jonathan.

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