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Calling John Appleseed...


Do you get the sense that Apple goofed up a bit while rushing out the iPhone activation videos? It's not just the 80GB iPhone. Aren't all fake numbers supposed to start with a 555? Anyway, yes, this is the same phone number for John Appleseed that was in the iPhone preview video from last Friday. And, yes, I did give the number a call to see what would happen thinking it would connect me to an Apple/AT&T ad. Instead, I heard "The mailbox for number 408-550-3542 is full and cannot accept new messages at this time. Please try again later."

I also dropped John Appleseed a note at his dotMac account, but he didn't reply to that either.

Update: Just called again. This time I got the message "Hello, you've reached the brand new iPhone of John Appleseed." He invited me to visit After, a standard-sounding voicemail prompt instructed me to record my message after the tone.

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