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Final Fantasy party tonight in San Francisco


This evening Square Enix is having a little Final Fantasy 20th anniversary bash at the PlayStation store in San Francisco. Early attendees will receive T-shirts and be able to purchase FFI on PSP. They'll also be able to play FFII which releases July 24. The event starts at 6PM.

Final Fantasy I is only the first in a bunch of Square Enix games and franchises waltzing to the PSP. Star Ocean, FF: Tactics and a little bit of Sephiroth will also be coming to the system in the near future. If you don't feel like picking up a PSP and paying $30, we're pretty sure you can pick up Final Fantasy I - II: Dawn of Souls for Game Boy Advance in a bargain bin close by. Hey, we never say no to a party though. Open bar and Chocobo burgers anyone?

[Via PlayStation Blog]

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