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Grand Theft Auto: Special Deposit Box Duffel Bag Edition Pix

Kevin Kelly

Rockstar is pulling out all the stops with the previously announced Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition package, and here's the pictures to prove it. Although it begs the question, what's a publisher going to do next to top this thing?

Halo 3 raised the bar substantially with their Legendary Edition and Master Chief replica helmet, and then BioShock was next by including a Big Daddy figurine with their Collector's Edition, but after Rockstar includes a duffel bag and a locking deposit box, what's next? Making of DVDs don't cut it anymore, so will we see life-sized blow-up Lara Croft doll in honor of the Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition? Live bacteria cultures with Spore, whenever that game finally crawls from the primordial ooze?

At any rate, the GTA:IV Special Edition will set you back 90 bucks, and gives you somewhere to hide the rest of your schwag.

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