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The coolest quest

Amanda Rivera

And so, in my quest to level my warlock, I found myself soaring high above the lakes of Zangarmarsh, transformed into bird-form for the quest As the Crow Flies. Not ever having had a high level druid, I haven't known the thrill of flapping my own wings traveling through the sky. At least not until now.

There are so many fascinating quests in WoW it's hard to pick one. Up until I rolled a Draenei, I wouldn't have been able to put a finger on my favorite quest. Once I learned the furbolg language and took of in search of the Totem of Yor, I was won over completely. For the moment that is by far my favorite quest.

But I haven't experienced everything in the game. All my Horde characters are below level 25, so I don't know the quest lines for that faction all that well, but I am sure there are some wonderful ones awaiting my shadow priest in It came from the Blog whenever I get her to that level. I would love to hear what you would vote as the coolest quest in the game so far. Is there one particular quest I should look out for as the ultimate in cool?

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