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Who will be the dominant HD provider?

Ben Drawbaugh

One of the most fascinating aspects of HD is the evolution of it as a medium. Back in the early days of HD, the combination of an antenna and DirecTV was king, and most cable companies didn't even try to compete. Here we are years later and while DirecTV chooses to concentrate all of its efforts on HD locals, cable has managed to catch up and pass DirecTV's HD offerings. Now DirecTV is ready to get back in the game, and in a few weeks will be launching the first new HD satellite dedicated to national HD channels and with it a torrent of new HD channels. Cable isn't standing by, they are testing out new ways to expand their capacity (SDV) and at the same time phone companies are also rolling out cable service in certain areas of the country. While the market will probably never be dominated by a single provider again, we are really looking forward to watching all of this play out in the months ahead.

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