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WoW Insider's category-specific RSS feeds


Over at WoW Insider HQ we've received requests from some people wanting category specific RSS feeds -- and what you want, we're happy to deliver! If you only want news on a particular topic to land in your RSS reader, simply subscribe to one of these feeds:

  • AddOns: For all the AddOn information you can handle.
  • BlizzCon: For all the news about (and at!) the upcoming conference.
  • Contests: For the latest contest announcements on WoW Insider.
  • Economy: For all the economy-related news that's fit to print.
  • Guilds: For first kill news and everything related to running a guild, being in a guild, or starting your own guild.
  • Humor: For everyone who wants the occasional WoW-related laugh.
  • Interviews: For interesting interviews with well-known WoWers.
  • Lore: For those of you who can't get enough of the lore of World of Warcraft.
  • News Items: Fresh news, hot off the presses!
  • Patches: Everything there is to know about current and future patches.
Have a favorite category that I didn't mention above? You can add any of them to your RSS reader by pointing it towards (just replace "category-name" with the name of the category you're interested in). And if you want to get an RSS feed of everything we've got to offer? You're welcome to subscribe to our main feed. Enjoy!

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