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WoW TCG Card "Lady Kath" honors mother with brain cancer

David Bowers

Reader Dave let us know about a moving article by Brian Kibler, one of the designers behind the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. He writes about how his mother had supported him growing up with his passion for trading card games, believing in him every step of the way while at the same time often struggling with poor health. In 2006 though, he found out she had been diagnosed with brain cancer, and he heard her say the fateful words, "Brian... I'm going to die."

"It was that day that I realized I had to do something for her," Brian writes, "It was that day that I told Danny that I didn't care what it took-we were putting a card for her into set two. It was that day that Lady Kath was born."

I'm told Lady Kath is one of the most powerful cards in the game, a paladin who heals all her allies at the end of each turn -- just as in real life, Brian's mother was a nurse who "strove to help others whenever and however she could," even when she herself was in poor health. On her card is written: "Her strength and warmth touch all those who cross her path."

Brian's story moves me personally, as my own mother has been struggling with brain cancer for the last two years, although thankfully she is in recovery now. Just like Lady Kath, my mother is a healer, a family therapist, who has supported me in my dreams all my life. The story of Lady Kath and her son Brian speaks to me of the beauty and power of such women who devote themselves healing and nurturing their children and friends, and the unimaginable joy they feel when we express our love and gratitude in return.

Brian's mother, the real Lady Kath, passed away on May 4th, feeling that this card was the greatest gift she had ever received. His last memory of her is of her "lying in bed with a copy of Lady Kath crumpled up in her hand as she looked up at me and smiled." Some of her friends and colleagues from the hospital where she worked have also been inspired by this card to organize a fund-raising team to fight cancer called "Lady Kath's Warriors."

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