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Enough with the iPhone already

Scott McNulty

Judging from the uptick in comments/emails we have been recieving as of late there is a small, but vocal, set of TUAW readers who don't give two figs about the iPhone. While that might make us just a little sad, it is understandable. Cell phones just aren't for everyone, and we here at TUAW care about our readers (seriously, if I could hug you through this computer screen I totally would).

That's why Erica whipped up this iPhone free TUAW feed a few days ago. Since the iPhone coverage is picking up I thought I would remind everyone that it exists, so if you want your TUAW iPhone free just subscribe to this feed (it uses Yahoo! Pipes, so it won't update as fast as our regular feed, but it will contain much less iPhone).

TUAW loves you.

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