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Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition matches the PS3 quite well

Nick Doerr

We've talked about it before, but now we've got official confirmation about the Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition via a press release. Just as speculated, the game will come in a metal safety deposit box along with a bunch of goodies. We'll list them below.
  • Both the 360 and PS3 game case will have unique, or otherwise "special" packaging.
  • An art book with some never-before-seen GTAIV production artwork.
  • A soundtrack with new material from top artists that are exclusive to this release.
  • Fancy Rockstar keychain to protect your keys and ward off evil, supposedly.
  • Finally, a limited edition Rockstar duffel bag.
Yes, the speculation seems to have been 100% true on this special edition. Even the price is dead on -- $89.99 for a pre-order in the US. This time, though, we've scored a few screenshots in our gallery below to give you an idea what the items look like. They're pretty sexy.


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