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Lara Croft opens women-only beach in Italy


No, we're not quite sure we understand the purpose of a female-only beach either, but experience has taught us that it's never a good strategy to question the wisdom of a woman wielding two guns. Doubly so if said woman happens to be one famous for destroying dinosaurs and gallivanting through graves, Lara Croft. The action archaeologist and Tomb Raider star, here represented by non-polygonal human model Karima Adebibe (she's the one with the big guns), opened Italy's first women-only beach in Riccione, "an exclusive resort near Rimini on the east coast" as Gamertag Radio reminds us.

Though you may have briefly interpreted the presence of Lara's scantily-clad posse as proof that the next Tomb Raider game would be "Pikmin with babes," the ladies were in fact there to compete in "Miss Muretto," a beauty contest coinciding with the opening (or closing if you're a guy) of "Pink Beach." Don't worry, we're sure there's a nearby lookout point that's ideal for surveying Italy's finest beaches. If being a pervert isn't your thing, there's always the superb Tomb Raider: Anniversary to keep you occupied indoors.

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