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MacBook Pros feature a 1.3MP camera sensor


Ken at Mac Daddy World confirmed an interesting discovery with a friend recently. Namely, the Santa Rosa MacBook Pros don't feature the same iSight as the previous MBP model

Pictured at right is a snapshot from System Profiler on my own MBP (a 2.0 GHz Core Duo), above, and Ken's (a Santa Rosa model), below. As you can see, the manufacturer has been changed from "Micron" to "Apple, Inc." Plus, the product ID has changed from "0x8501" to "0x8502."

But wait, there's more. While Ken was able to produce a VGA (640×480) image with an "older" MacBook Pro featuring the original iSight, the Santa Rosa model produced a much larger 1.3 MP (1280×1024) image (you can see both images at Mac Daddy World). Pretty cool.

Thanks, Ken!

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