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Matsushita's IH cooking utensil perfects your stir-fry

Darren Murph

When you've eggs that essentially boil themselves and gizmos that take the skill out of concocting a decent breakfast, where's the need for culinary prowess? For the chefs who feel that modern technology is diluting their art, Matsushita's latest invention isn't likely to enthrall you, but for those in need of a quick stir-fry lesson, the KZ-VSW33D should fit the bill. The electromagnetic induction heating (IH) cooking utensil, better known as a stove here in the states, uses infrared temperature sensors which can quickly determine if the bottom of the pan has cooled off since the prior reading (you know, while you're hurling it about trying to impress onlookers), and can then adjust in order to provide an even amount of heat throughout so that certain sections don't end up, um, extra crispy. Of course, such a snazzy cooker demands quite the premium, as this uber-efficient device will run you a staggering ¥409,500 ($3,310) when it lands in September.

[Via Tech-On]

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