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New MacPak bundle up, $5 for 3 mystery apps


Mark Howson from The Mac Pak sends word that another mysterious bundle has been posted, this time for the very, very low price of $5.00. The Mac Pak, you'll remember, is one of the more mysterious software deals out there-- you pay the money for three different secret applications, and then at the end of the sale (three days and change as of this writing, so around July 1st), the apps are revealed, and sent to you. Buyer beware, but a fun deal, and I'm not sure I've ever seen one this cheap.

All we know about the apps this time around is that added together they'd usually cost you over $50, and that's about it. Back in May, the apps were revealed as the sale went along (and the price raised), but there's no indication that's happening this time around-- looks like it's a $5 shot in the dark. Will the low price pull you in, or are you going to pass on buying something you might not want?

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