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Nintendo to partner with Apple for iPhone gaming?

Darren Murph

With under a week to go until the iPhone launches, all bets are officially off. Of course, we'd still risk the farm (okay, at least the barn) that this rumor will remain just that, but an "anonymous source" has reportedly suggested that Nintendo could end up partnering with Apple for iPhone gaming. Interestingly enough, it was stated that any content pushed out for the iPhone would "cater to older audiences," which enables us to take all of this very lightly considering the Big N's obsession with less-than-mature titles. Additionally, these "exclusives" would unsurprisingly be released via iTunes for a whopping $29 apiece, but controlling Mario without a trademark D-pad could prove difficult. Frankly, we're hardly buying into this one just yet, but it's not like Apple hasn't done the impossible before.

[Via TUAW]

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