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Nokia's Mobile Web Server previewed

Chris Ziegler

Nokia's "Raccoon" project to bring Apache down to size and shoehorn it into an S60 footprint is starting to come into its own, spawning the company's "Mobile Web Server" beta that's open to the public. If you still think serving web pages from a data- and power-sensitive device in your pocket sounds just as crazy now as it did last year, have a peek at All About Symbian's quick take -- you might be surprised. Though MWS' current functionality is rudimentary at best, it is kinda cool; you can remotely send SMS and instant messages, view the device's calendar, photo gallery, and current image from the camera, and publish an ultra-simple blog. As the reviewer points out, though, MWS is really just a proof of concept -- its real power lies in what wild things developers craft out of it down the road. You know, like a massively distributed host for Engadget Mobile, for example.

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