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Poll: WiiWare's real launch date

Eric Caoili

Nintendo's "early 2008" prediction for the launch of WiiWare might seem like a lifetime away, but we're still not convinced that the company has given itself enough time to turn the Shopping Channel into a vehicle for new downloadable game content. Nintendo isn't exactly known for its punctuality -- one need only look to the DS's delayed WiFi Connection implementation or the GameCube's nearly-nonexistent online service for examples of stalled promises.

What're your thoughts on the possibilities of WiiWare arriving on schedule? Does early 2008 really sound feasible? Or does it sound like a bunch of duck tales (a-woo-woo!)?

When do you expect WiiWare to launch?
Early -- 2007 holiday season!
Early 2008, as promised.
Slight delay to summer 2008.
Delayed to 2008 holiday season.
A 2009 launch, with little fanfare.
When monkeys fly out of my butt.

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