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Producer of '300' talks World of Warcraft film

Ross Miller

During his keynote at the Hollywood & Games summit, Legendary Pictures chairman and 300 producer Thomas Tull discussed his company's upcoming film adaptation of the mega-popular World of Warcraft (no, not that "adaptation"). Blizzard is working very closely with Legendary, according to Tull (via Gamasutra). "They're sitting right there at the table with us as we develop the story and the script, and I think we're nailing the story and what's compelling about it," he said.

Tull also spoke of the need to capture an audience beyond the WoW subscriber base. "Sure, there are 8 million people playing WoW," he said, "but even if all of those people saw the movie multiple times, we'd still be screwed." He also showed optimism in attaining that audience, remarking that the MMO "has the right stuff to make it happen."

Legendary Pictures was also recently tied -- and quickly untied -- to a Diablo film adaptation.

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