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UDON's Art of Capcom: 300+ page artbook available this summer

If you're going to find yourself at this weekend's Anime Expo, you best hightail it over to UDON's corner and get a look at their 300+ page artbook titled, simply, UDON's Art of Capcom. Not going to be at Anime Expo but would kill a loved one (preferably with a brutal combo) to get your murderous mitts on one? They'll only be available "at conventions throughout the summer." No word on what those other conventions might be, but we doubt you'll find UDON at your annual holistic podiatry convention.

The rest of you, you'll just have to wait until the fall when they'll be available at your favorite stores, far from the cosplaying crowds of Anime Expo. Be sure to peep the back cover after the break or hit up the Read link for the high-res wallpaper-worthy version.

[Thanks, Jim!]

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