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60 reasons to own a PSP: part 8


Is it really that difficult to come up with sixty different reasons to own a PSP? No, not really. As many PSP owners are sure of, there are simply too many things one can do on the handheld. Let's keep going on with our 60 reasons, courtesy of TCLCloud.

36. Region free gaming
One of the great thing about handheld systems is its ability to play games from all over the world. There's too many great titles in other countries, like Bleach: Heat the Soul, and the unique dancing game, Audition (pictured, above). Some people enjoy the stranger titles that can be found outside of our country, which is why we feature imports in our weekly releases. Simply insert the UMD and watch it play.

37. Easily sharable game saves
Sometimes, you want to cheat. Sometimes, you want to see the end of the game without having to go through actually playing it. On the PSP, game shares are easy to share, thanks to Memory Stick. What if you want to download a save file from the internet? Easy. Just go to GameFAQs, and browse through Game Saves. Download the one you want, and save the data to your Memory Stick. Easy!

38. Removable battery (with extended life options)
Sure, the battery life could be longer ... but we love the fact that the PSP's battery is removable. Why? Because it means you can throw in another freshly charged battery in there. Other handhelds will force you to find an AC outlet to recharge, but hardcore PSP gamers carry around an extra battery for even more gaming. In fact, there are also extended battery options that give you more power and play time.

39. Sleep mode
Just hit the switch. Your system is now in sleep mode, allowing you to pause a game and save battery life. We love sleep mode so much: it's easy to use, and it lets you break up games into bite-sized chunks. In fact, because sleep mode drains battery so slowly, we never turn off our systems ... and we think that most PSP owners do the same.

40. Custom soundtracks
More and more games are allowing for custom soundtracks, where you can listen to your own music instead of the game's. The PSP should already be home to a good assortment of music thanks to its Memory Stick and music play back. It only makes sense that games should let you play your own soundtrack. The upcoming Wipeout Pulse will take advantage of this feature.

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