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Fusing the world of Gundam and Dynasty Warriors


In a recent conference call with the press, Namco Bandai's localization producer Nobuaki Taguchi revealed numerous new details on its upcoming Gundam brawler. The game, which now has a confirmed August 28th ship date, is the first Gundam and Dynasty Warriors game that will feature both English and Japanese voices.

Although there will be no downloadable content, it appears that fans will have a lot to look forward to. There are two main game modes to explore, "Official" and "Original" mode. In "Official" mode, players will go through classic Gundam storylines based on the official manga and anime series. "Original" mode weaves a new tale for the game, that somehow manages to incorporate the various Gundam universes involved. Some of the series to be incorporated into the game include Mobile Suit Gundam (the first Gundam), Gundam Seed, G Gundam, and Gundam Wing.

Traditionally, Dynasty Warriors has focused solely on melee combat, but in this Gundam-flavored edition, players will be able to use a wide assortment of projectiles as well. The producer made note that traditional Dynasty Warriors players can play traditionally, with just their blades -- but, a lot of thought has been placed into balancing the projectiles and the melee weapons.

Each character will offer approximately 3 hours of gameplay, but with multiple characters and difficulties, the producer sees the average player getting about 30 hours of playtime. However, he notes that he's clocked in over 120. Excessive, he admits, but quite possible.

Although the title is coming out to both PS3 and Xbox 360, it seems pretty clear that PS3 is the target platform for the game. He notes the game's success in Japan, where the title was "flying off the shelves" on PS3. "In Japan, it's the equivalent of a AAA title." A demo is now available on the PLAYSTATION Store, and there are currently "no plans" for an Xbox 360 demo. Expect more info on the game as we get closer to its release. Check out new images of the game in action in our updated gallery.


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