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iPhone madness hit or miss in Chicago

Nilay Patel

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We just stopped by the Chicago Apple flagship store and were greeted by chaos -- at least 35 to 40 people in line and a media frenzy of interviews taking place. Tyler Tessmann, the first guy in line, had gotten there at 2:30 and was holding court with NBC 5, while the rest of the media patiently waited to pounce. The store seemed busy but ready -- employees told us that most of the prep was done, and that the store was closing down tomorrow just to manage to crowd flow.

We're pretty certain Tyler was trying to get her number.

Contrast that chaos to the large AT&T store just down the road on State Street, which was deserted except for Jason Cain and his girlfriend Claire Webb-Valez, who are being paid $15 an hour (!) to hold a place in line. When we got there the pair was sitting at the Jamba Juice patio next door, hanging out -- even the fact that the State Street AT&T store is literally next door to ABC 7 isn't enough to create a buzz at a non-Apple location, it seems.

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