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New 'quicker than QWERTY' mobile keypad spotted

Brian White

We thought the mobile universe was content with the standard 12-key mobile keypad and QWERTY mobile keyboard layouts (and LCD ones too) that inhabit almost every normal handset and smartphone these days. Don't tell this to Zacod, which has unveiled a new concept keyboard for mobiles called the "zk –m100." It's no regular concept, as Zacod's explanation here is that mobile customers use a "3-axis principle" to get that input into that handset. In addition to a version of the concept make for touchscreen smartphones and normal cellphone keypads, Zacod claims that faster input than even a standard 107-key QWERTY computer keyboard can be achieved. Big claims there, eh Zacod? The "guessing and spinning" input concept is indeed unique, but we have yet to try this out to check Zacod's claims.

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