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O2's Xda "Helen" peeped?


Meet O2's newest Windows Mobile 6 Pro device, the Xda "Helen" (what happened to the slick device names?) a decidedly vanilla pocket-sized slider. The Helen packs quad-band GSM and EDGE, 3G in the 2100 MHz range, Bluetooth, WiFi, 64MB RAM, 256MB ROM, and a wee forward-facing cam for video calling. What the pics barely show (look carefully at the image on the left) are the touch sensitive softkeys on the face, a 2 megapixel shooter mounted on the back, and the fat 570 MHz CPU hidden under the hood. This is a bit of a unique departure for the Professional version of Microsoft's new mobile OS, as we get the slide-out dialpad and a touchscreen interface -- we haven't spotted a stylus yet, but hoping it is there somewhere. If this really does end up rolling out on O2 -- and it certainly looks branded to do so -- we'll be hitting you up with more specs, a release date, and some pricing soon.

[Via the::unwired]

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