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Scans of early-build Fallout 3 show much promise

Peter Vrabel

Finnish magazines get all the love. Well, at least when it comes to recent press on Fallout 3. Finnish magazine Pelaaja grabbed a few scans of the game in progress and we must say, it seems to be coming in line nicely, following details already laid out by Bethesda. These scans look great, even if they are a little blurry (likely due to the fact they are scans and not pure screen shots of the game in progress). The character models appear to be fleshed out with texture-a-plenty and we'll bet the lighting will hold similar Oblivion-like bloom effects upon the game's release.

The Fallout franchise certainly has its fair share of rabid fans, so it was extremely important that Bethesda carry the torch with gloved hands, as to not disrupt or crack the foundation already set in place. Without a preview of the game, it's far too early to tell if the plot will hold firm on the foundation set by former developer Black Isle, but the scans show mighty promise. The colors are fairly drab and muted, kept to a palette rich in silver and brown (perfect for a post-apocolyptic setting such as this). Also, the scans confirm Bethesda's previous confirmation of using a modified Oblivion engine and keeping the 1st and 3rd person perspective for RPG narrative. We've put all four scans into a gallery and will be updating with more scans and screen shots as they come in. Fallout 3 is quite a ways off, scheduled for release in Fall of 2008.

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