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Sony Ericsson's W910 gets previewed

Darren Murph

Most wouldn't disagree that Sony Ericsson's W910 sure has the look, but how sexy does it remain after handling it for a few? The (lucky) folks over at PhoneArena were able to spend a few precious moments with SE's latest Walkman handset, and here's the low-down thus far. First off, the prototype they played with "would likely see changes" before its final release, which would certainly be beneficial considering the "relatively loud bang" heard when sliding it open, the need for more contrast on the display, and the somewhat tiny buttons. Still, the overall vibe on this one seemed generally (albeit not overwhelmingly) positive, and while it's easy to get stuck in the details, you're still better off waiting for a final review before cementing any judgments in your mind. Peep the video preview after the jump.

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