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Soul Calibur's new bountiful bouncing breasts, now in screenshot form (in EGM)


Each Soul Calibur release has been bigger and better than the last, and Soul Calibur 4 isn't about to let us down (note the liberal use of bosom-related puns in that sentence). Four new screenshots tucked away in the pages of this month's EGM show off exactly what we want to see: bums and boobs of the female persuasion (and a duck or two, but that's secondary). As we noticed a few weeks ago, Ivy has received a monumental mammary resizing for the upcoming game. So much, in fact, that we're concerned for her health. Those things are just begging to get popped.

[Update: The screenshots we posted earlier were taken from the glossy pages of this month's EGM. If you want to see more, pick up the mag or check out this teaser. Again. And again. Alright, enough of that.]

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