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Starcraft: Ghost may be revisited by Blizzard 'one day'


It has been ever so long since we talked about the scar we have from the deep wound Blizzard gave us when they canceled postponed StarCraft: Ghost. At yesterday's Hollywood and Games Summit, Blizzard's Rob Pardo said, "I still believe in that game and the characters but we were not able to execute at the level we wanted to ... Rather than work on that we had to focus on our other games. We're hoping one day to return to it." Yay, there's hope!

Although, it's probably hope for our children. With StarCraft II, a World of Warcraft expansion, and that other thing coming, it's going to be a long time before we ever see the resurrection of Starcraft: Ghost. Plus, they'd have to start the programming from scratch again, it's not like they're just going to gussy up the game we already played -- and we all know how long that process takes with Blizzard.

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