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Take-Two and Thompson truce torched already?


Take-Two is telling Jack Thompson to cool down his escalating GTA IV and Manhunt 2 maneuvers or else he may be in violation of the agreement that kept him from getting disbarred, along with a slew of other potential problems, a few months ago. GamePolitics reports that Thompson received a letter from Take-Two that he may be in breach of their earlier settlement. Ever tell a kid numerous times to not touch a hot stove and they still do it anyway? Yeah, that's what this is like.

The violation revolves around Thompson sending a letter to the Governor and Attorney General of Florida "alerting" them to an "incredibly violent video game called Manhunt 2." Thompson says he agreed to stop filling suits invoking Florida's public nuisance law and contacting companies that Take-Two does business with; however, Thompson says in court filings, "Thompson DID NOT... agree not to contact government officials... no settlement agreement... that prohibits a citizen from contacting any government at any level about anything is enforceable because such a restriction on the First Amendment rights of citizens is contrary to public policy." Thompson also writes in the court documents that he's filed a complaint against Take-Two's attorneys with the Florida Bar over the June 7th letter telling him that he's in violation of the agreement. Well, maybe this helps explain a little bit what the secret meeting between Thompson and Take-Two's CEO was about.

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