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Virt supplying remixed tunes for Contra 4

Eric Caoili

We've been in love with Jake "Virt" Kaufman's video game soundtracks (e.g. Shantae, Godzilla: Domination, Scurge: Hive) and micromusic remixes for years now, so it pleased us to no end to hear that he would be working with WayForward on Contra 4's themes. Not familiar with his discography? Here are three of our favorite Virt arrangements and chiptune covers that we grabbed from his site:

How did the Konami fanboy react when he was initially approached with handling Contra 4's music and sound design? "After I got off the phone with the dude I couldn't stop pacing back and forth for like 10 hours. I was afraid I would suddenly grow tentacles and then question reality and then wake up in my bed and it was all a dream ... Alas, my tentacles are REAL."

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