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BMW warms up to Apple's iPhone

Darren Murph

Nearly three years ago to the day, BMW announced that you could "iPod your BMW." Today, that same luxury is being passed onto Apple's latest handheld device. According to an admittedly brief introduction page at BMW, the automaker has proclaimed that it is indeed the first to ensure that iPhone owners can look forward to seamless integration of music playback and handsfree Bluetooth calling "across its model line." Beginning today, BMW whips equipped with BMW Assist with Bluetooth can enjoy handsfree calling in their ride, and those with the iPod / USB interface can control the iPod functions of the iPhone via built-in vehicle controls and view the track / album information on your radio (or navigation system, we presume). BMW notes that "further details" will be available soon, and with any luck, a few more automakers will follow suit in the near future.

[Thanks, Alex]

UPDATE: Check out the first hands-on report as a user introduces his 8GB iPhone to a 2007 328xi. "Fully functional" says it all.

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