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Breakfast Topic: Do druids need a rez?

Eliah Hecht

And no, I don't mean just the dead ones. Out of the four classes that can heal (Shaman, Druid, Priest, Paladin), Druids are the only one without a "regular" out-of-combat resurrection spell. Yes, they have Rebirth, which even works in combat, but it's on a half-hour cooldown. This means that a group with a druid as its main healer often feels obligated to pick up a resurrector as well, which in turn means a restoration druid is not as valuable a group member as a healer of a different class, assuming that healer is equally capable, in an instance where people are likely to die (Heroics, for example).

My question: is that the way it should be? Is this within the lines of good class variation, or does lacking a rez hurt druids enough that it's worth homogenizing the classes a bit by giving them one? Does Rebirth make up for the absence of a "spammable" ressurection? One forum denizen suggests giving a resurrection spell to Tree of Life druids. What do you think of that?

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