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David Pogue and Josh Quittner trade barbs over iPhone

Ryan Block, @ryan

Would you believe: David Pogue, one of Cupertino's favoritest of all tech journalists (and a king among Apple fanboys) gets in an editorial fistfight with a hard-bitten and especially condemnatory Josh Quittner (whom many know as the editor of Business 2.0). It starts out as a blog post by Josh "reviewing the reviewers" of the iPhone, harshing on Pogue for his biases -- he's written a number of Apple books, after all, and is known far and wide for his love affair of all things Steve (TM). Naturally Quittner doesn't fess to being jealous that, like the rest of us, his publication didn't get an early iPhone; the embittered post turns into a comment spar with Pogue, quick to defend his honor -- which turns into an all out editorial debate on editorial. Bias schmias, why the hell isn't anyone talking about how the early iPhone reviews just didn't really say very much, anyway?

Read - Quittner attacks, "[Pogue] should not be allowed to review Apple stuff. I mean, the man has a whole side business ... explaining how to wring the most out of your Apple products!"
Read - Pogue defends, "I don't know whether you're deliberately ignoring the facts or you just don't do your homework. Either way, you're off-base."
Read - Quittner attacks again, "What you are doing is wrong, flat-out, flat-panel-for-non-dummies wrong, David."

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