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GameVideos deconstructs new Grand Theft Auto IV trailer

Justin McElroy

If you're a true, obsessive fan of Grand Theft Auto, you probably pored over every single frame of the first trailer for GTA IV. Maybe you tried to spot some favorite returning character or treasured locale. But, if you're anything like us, after three hours of trailer gazing, your eye caught that stack of unpaid bills or the "Hers" towel that's gone unused since she left a few months ago, and you just got sick to your stomach. "What am I doing with my life!?" you might have exclaimed at the heavens, before, stricken with shame, you retired to your filthy kitchen to fetch another Hot Pocket. ... If you're anything like us.

Good news! GameVideos has done the work for you this time with the new trailer "Looking for that Special Someone," saving us the shame of having to stare into the inky blackness of failure our live has become. Also, our cats just love Mark MacDonald.

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