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Giveaway: have an iPhone on us!

Ryan Block, @ryan

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We know you want an iPhone. Even if you don't actually want an iPhone, we'll wager you'd still take one for free. Ok, that's cool with us. Go ahead, take it. Just leave a comment below telling us what you're most looking forward to about your shiny new device, and you'll be entered to win an 8GB iPhone. It's that simple.

A few rules (yeah, there are always rules):
  • You may only enter this specific giveaway once. If you enter this giveaway more than once you'll be automatically disqualified, etc. (Yes, we have robots that thoroughly check to ensure fairness.) In other words, be careful when commenting and don't submit more than once, ok?
  • The prize is open to US entrants only. It's not like you can use it overseas anyway!
  • Contest is open until 11:59pm EDT on Sunday, July 1st.

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