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Line Report: Sherman Oaks, CA Apple Store


The store has officially closed for the time being (until 6PM, of course) and they have put up black material covering the windows. Its all very theatrical and adds to the element of excitement. The line is now up to more like two hundred but I've also heard reports from other Los Angeles area stores like the Glendale Galleria, that the lines are stretching all the way outside and winding through the parking structure.I feel bad for those people and a little better abbot my 95th place i line -- at least according to the last count conducted by mall security.

At the moment, people are well-behaved. I just hope that continues when the covers come off the windows and the selling frenzy begins. On a very positive note, some Apple Store employees have just come by with boxes filled with bottled water are are giving it away for free to the people in line. A very nice gesture indeed and appreciated. Although, I would appreciate it more if they told me they had enough iPhones to sell to all the people in front of me and that I could still get one. Oh well, at least I got some water out of it.

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