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Toshiba announces availability of new Regza lineup

Darren Murph

Shortly after dropping prices across the board on its HD DVD player lineup, Toshiba is now announcing the availability of a myriad of Regzas. The 46-, 47-, 52-, and 57-inch Cinema Series sets are all set to hop on the shipping truck and head to consumers momentarily, and they'll be packin' a ClearFrame 120Hz anti-blur system, 1080p capability, PixelPure3G 14-bit digital video processing, DynaLight dynamic backlight, and Tosh's SoundStrip speaker system. Similar to Hitachi's newfangled Reel60 system, Toshiba is incorporating its own Motion Vector Frame Interpolation (MVFI) technology in order to eliminate blur and make images silky smooth. The new sets have expanding Toshiba's Regza lineup to include sizes ranging from 26-inch to 57-inches in size, and if you're interested in picking one up, be sure to visit the read link for the full rundown of prices.

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