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Philly H says: "don't judge a console by its launch software!"

Nick Doerr

Taking on the ol' "book and cover" judgment analogy, Phil Harrison recently spoke about the untapped potential of the PlayStation 3. Going so far as to say it's "dangerous" to judge a console by its launch software, Phil wanted to get the point across that every console has large discrepancies in visual quality from year one to year five. We can't help but agree -- we've made this argument ourselves. Multiple times. So what's Phil trying to say?

Exclusives? Let's dance, then. However, Phil moves his feet to a different beat, saying exclusives from first or third-party companies really don't matter: " ... as long as the games they get are great, [Consumers] don't care if they are third-party or first-party ... We have a larger platform-dedicated development resource than our competitors combined. So all of that goes towards the fact that the best games with the best technology are coming exclusively to [Sony] platforms."

Basically, Phil says that most exclusives don't matter, but internal Sony exclusives will probably show off the PS3's assets the best. We tend to agree, especially if the fellows behind Ico and Shadow of the Colossus try really hard. We suppose that we'll just have to wait until a truly landmark title pops up. There are plenty of contenders, but if none of them are getting praise from Phil Harrison, then what are we in store for a few years down the road?

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