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Capcom working on new 2D arcade fighter


A tiny teaser site popped up on Capcom Japan's site today, advertising a new, original 2D fighting game from the company oh-so-famous for sequalizing ad nauseum.

The teaser page, which is labeled "2D Kakutou" (or 2D Fighter), features a fiery video full of words that we can't read. Unfortunately for us, our Japanese-translating robot is out sick this week, and Babelfish doesn't get along with flash too well. Still, we do know that the title is arcade-bound, and that our loving readers will probably help us figure out the rest of the site's content. In the meantime, let's rejoice knowing that Capcom continues to embrace 2D, as we look forward to this mystery title, as well as the super-pretty Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, and try our hardest to forget that the Street Fighter EX titles ever existed.

Update: Joystiq reader Sizer provides the following translation of the kanji: "For the first time in 3 years, an original Capcom 2D fighting game... Coming Soon!" Thanks, Sizer!

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