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iPhone Bingo from TUAW: What's Next?


What's next for the iPhone? TUAW hasn't a clue, but we've got ideas. Kooky ideas, like Chris Pirillo buys an iPhone, loves it, and rants about his errant ways and logical fallacies. We've got some pretty obvious ideas too, like someday iPhone will probably support Java-- maybe. More likely than the Pirillo scenario anyway.

But if any of these or 22 other things come to pass, TUAW has you covered. We've created the iPhone "What's Next" bingo card for your long-term bingo playing needs. It may take years before Flash is on the iPhone, or the Pope gets one, but when they do you'll be ready with a penny or something to mark it down. Enjoy!

thanks to David Chartier and Dave Caolo for your help!

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