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New N-Gage game coming to mobile phones and PCs


Don't be confused: Nokia's N-Gage gaming platform isn't the same as its ill-fated hardware iterations of the same name. And while sidetalking might be a thing of the past, Nokia's still confident that the N-Gage name can live on in mobile phone games, especially as a client for facilitating online play.

That said, Pocket Gamer reports that Nokia is working on a new title for the N-Gage platform, which will be playable not just on mobile phones, but on PCs as well. The game, codenamed "Project White Rock," is being developed by RedLynx, makers of the well-received wartime strategy title Pathway to Glory. The team is also being led by Scott Foe, who previously worked on Pocket Kingdom: 0wn the the W0rld, notable for its equally positive press and for being the first ever mobile phone MMO.

Though little is known about "Project White Rock", Foe did inform Pocket Gamer that the title will feature over a thousand lines of recorded dialog, and will utilize unique technology purchased from Sega that will allow the mobile version to connect with the PC version. Details pertaining to the game's specific genre, multi-platform connectivity, and release date are as yet unknown, but will most likely come forth when the game is officially announced.

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