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New post-beta Halo 3 details, screenshots galore

Ross Miller

A recent visit to Bungie has left IGN with some new details and an ample number of screenshots from a post-beta Halo 3. In addition to new images and impressions of maps Epitaph, Shrine and Zanzibar 2 Last Resort and new vehicle the Brute Chopper, Bungie also gave some new information on the Armor Permutations, which are implied as being unlockable in single-player campaigns for use in customizing your multiplayer character.

The previously-announced replay videos aren't "videos," per se, but stored data of every action in a match, which therefore creates a smaller file that can be replayed in high-quality (and hopefully allow for a free-roaming camera). Replays can be cut down to specific moments, exchanged with friends, and watched as a group. You can also capture your own screenshots and trade those as well.

Replays, screenshots and even custom game preferences can be transferred between players via a file share option that comes up by clicking on a player's gamertag. As IGN put it, "easy." Judging by the images, Halo 3's graphics are looking better than the beta. The game is due out September 25.

[Via X3F]

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