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Rumor: The Darkness is the banned in Singapore


A Singapore based game website says The Darkness is banned in that country. They report that the "distributor responsible for bringing in games from 2K" says the title has been officially banned for "excessive violence." The same website reports that another 2K game, BioShock, is also on the chopping block.

We can semi-understand the whole Manhunt 2 saga, we're even on board with some of Germany's issues causing The Darkness to be delayed there for a month, but why did Singapore pick The Darkness when there are plenty of violent games out there to ban? We'll admit that we aren't on top of our Singapore game banning rules, so we don't know what major issues they found offense to. Maybe it was the ever-present heart eating mechanic? Although, The Darkness' heart eating mechanic isn't offensive because of the gore, it's more offensive that it's such a tedious task that needs to be performed on every ... single ... body. There wasn't a more efficient way to make that concept work? The whole process seems tacked on for shock value ... ohhhhh, now we get it.

[Via GamePolitics]

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