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Sega: Better pricing will be key for PlayStation 3


What a rough existence the PlayStation 3's price tag must lead. Blamed for being Sony's biggest stumbling block and derided by many since its birth, it can't even leave its quaint Cornwall home for fear of being cut, dropped, squashed, slashed or violently diminished. In an interview with Reuters, Sega Corp. corporate director Masanao Maeda openly admits that he, like many others, would probably assault the PS3's price if he ever ran into it in public, noting that a substantial cut before year's end is needed to increase demand.

"Name brand, price and software are what count," says Maeda. "Since it's getting difficult to make software availability a differentiating factor, superior marketing and pricing strategy will be the key for Sony." Maeda makes an excellent point in highlighting the importance of software, an issue that upcoming PS3-exclusive games like Heavenly Sword and the unfortunately named Uncharted: Drake's Fortune certainly appear to be addressing -- at least as far as Western audiences are concerned. Putting the PS3's price under the knife would likely rejuvenate the system worldwide, though whether or not Sony will go through with it this year remains to be seen. In the meantime, we'll continue leaving menacing messages on the price tag's answering machine.

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