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Sharp's AQUOS HD recorders: 5 more with less


In addition to all those LCDs, Sharp just loosed five new hi-def AQUOS recorders onto the Japanese market. The top-end, DV-ACW80 is a fast startin' (0.8 seconds) recorder with 1TB of storage, a trio of tuners (2x digital, 1x analog), high speed IrSS infrared photo transfer, and a bevy of features including USB hosting we've already seen in their other recorders. By all appearances, however, the DV-ACW60 introduced in February still trumps its new little brother by offering a 12-bit/297MHz DAC (compared to the ACW80's 10-bit/148.5MHz) while sporting an extra Firewire jack to boot. Still, you'll save a few Yen at ¥190,000 or about $1,547 if you decide to take this little guy home.

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