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This Wednesday: Missile Command defends XBLA


Prepare to defend the Earth (although it looks more like Arrakis) from those pesky aliens this 4th of July as Missile Command joins the graphically updated retro collection on Xbox Live Arcade. If you missed the '80s, the objective of Missile Command is to protect your cities from incoming bombardment. Missile Command is essentially a training program for what President Reagan's "Star Wars" program was supposed to be like.

Missile Command will come in two flavors: retro and evolved. The retro version will feature the blocky glory of the original while the evolved version will look like what you see above (check out both in our gallery). The sweetness is that the game will only be 400 MS points ($5). Updated graphics in a retro game at a retro price? That's something worth defending.

[Via Press Release]

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