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Halo 3 almost tops Amazon Japan

Ross Miller

The Halo 3 hype has hit the Land of the Rising Sun, with Bungie's shooter placing second on Amazon Japan's list of bestselling videogames as of this writing, sandwiched between Dragon Quest Swords at three and Capcom's Gotcha Force for GameCube at number one.

The only other Xbox 360 title to place in the top 25 is Oblivion at number seven, which is likely bolstered by 2,300 yen (US $18.75) discount if you buy the American RPG with Halo 3 or with Trusty Bell (known elsewhere as Eternal Sonata).

Savings aside, Halo 3 has a lot going against it in the Japanese market -- an American-made first-person shooter for Microsoft's unpopular Xbox 360 -- and it still managed to be popular. Master Chief invades Japan September 27, and we'll be interested to see how the Japanese hardware sales are affected by the release.

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